Friday, 12 June 2015

Is The Celestial Church About To Crack?

The Celestial Church of Christ, CCC, is currently enmeshed in another leadership crisis as Tosho Oshoffa, another son of the late founder of the church, has declared himself as a factional pastor. His elder brother, Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, is the spiritual head of the church until this latest development. exclusively gathered that there had been issues between the two Oshoffa brothers for some months now. Tosho was said to have given his  elder brother who is visually impaired, Emmanuel some documents, which he ignorantly signed. Unknown to Emmanuel, the documents he signed stipulated that he has given the mantle of the church’s leadership to Tosho.

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Immediately Tosho achieved his mission, he moved to France, where one of his four wives is based, apparently to strategize on his ‘coup d’état’. And yesterday, Wednesday, 10 June, he announced himself as the new pastor of the church. He actually had the backing of some leaders of the church.
It was the leaders who unveiled and raised his hand up yesterday as the new spiritual head of the church in Imeko Village, Ogun State, where the late founder of the church originated from. Meanwhile, gathered that Tosho and his supporters were rebuked by the monarch of the village when they visited his palace.
Tosho’s new declaration has put the leadership of the Celestial Church under intense pressure and turmoil since yesterday, as they have been holding series of meetings, trying to keep the situation in control. Tosho refused to attend any of the meetings.
Tosho had been enmeshed in a lot of scandals in the past. Sources close to him told told us that he is an ‘alcoholic’, a habit that is strongly against the tenets of the church. Besides, he is a philanderer, having four wives under questionable circumstances.

His first wife is one Demilade. In 2012 he married another making his first wife raise lots of dust and objectively rejected the illegal marriage. The lady is Lizzy who is said to be of Delta extraction from the south-south part of Nigeria while his fourth wife is Bola Shoaga.
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Their wedding was a high class one attended by the crème-de-la-crème of the Celestial Church. The engagement was done on 19 May and 7 August 2014 respectively. He also married another lady named Caro, who is now based in France.
Meanwhile, members of the church in their large numbers are against Tosho’s move. They argued that he lacks the moral profile to lead a revered church like the CCC.

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