Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Man Born With No Penis Boasts He Had Sex With More Than 100 Women

 A man born without a penis was hiding his big secret from his friends and lovers for 40 years but now is ready to share his story with the world, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, England, UK.
Andrew Wardle was born with an ectopic bladder, meaning it formed on the outside of his body. He had testicles but not a penis and, while he had a sereis of successful operations as a child to move his bladder to where it should be, his lack of manhood remained. Now as he prepares for life-changing surgery, he speaks about his relationships with women.
The man claims that despite his disability he has slept with over 100 women and 20% of his lovers knew the truth about his missing manhood. But the reactions to such news were different, with one girl punching him in the face and another cheating on him. He said:“Some were one-night stands, some long-term relationships.

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The fact I didn’t just want to get my leg over made me more attractive to women. I had charm and patter because it wasn’t all about sex. It is difficult to explain to a new girlfriend but when I have some have been really nice about it. I was punched in the face once. I guess she was angry as she felt I had lied. But it’s not something you can say right away.”

Andrew is now ready to undergo a complicated three-part operation, to finally have a fully functioning member built from skin, blood vessels and nerves from his arm. Mr Walder, who is sick of hiding, said: “I never thought this day would come and I still can’t believe it is possible for me to actually have a fully functioning penis. If it’s a success, I can finally start living like a normal man. Things like having sex and starting a family, something which so many people take for granted, could actually become a possibility.”

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