Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Naked People Celebrate Singles Day in China

Thousands of naked men and women flooded in the streets, shops and waterways to celebrate China’s Singles Day.
Singles Day is the country’s antidote to Valentine’s Day. This holiday is very popular among young Chinese people and it has already become the largest online shopping day in the world.It is celebrated on November 11 , the date is chosen for the connection between singles and the number ‘1’. This year, the holiday was encouraged by online retailers  who promised free clothes worth up to 1,000 yuan (27700 naira) to the first 200 people wearing only underwear.

 The retailers who slashed prices, racked up record sales in the country’s biggest annual shopping bonanza. Online shoppers are buying everything from dried fruit to washing machines.

The online retail giant Alibaba, has pulled in almost £5 billion and had shipped 224 million orders by 8am on Tuesday. Retail analysts compare Singles Day with ‘Cyber Monday’ in the U.S., which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, another large online shopping day.

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