Wednesday, 12 November 2014

CNN rejects political adverts from Nigeria

Plan by Nigerian politicians to lavish finances on publicity in foreign media has hit the brick wall as the CNN is reported to be rejecting political advertisements.
Several Nigerian politicians are stupefied by the new reality that the American international cable channel, has resolved to be rejecting commercials with political messages.

A consultant to one of the presidential aspirants told TheCable that, “We approached CNN agents in Nigeria to place some adverts for our principal. We sent the creatives to them as requested and they returned them, saying they do not run commercials that are intended to campaign for votes. We could not believe it.”

Similarly, a consultant, who is very much involved in working for the re-election bid of a state governor, recounted the same experience, saying his team never anticipated that.

Advert rates in CNN are among the most expensive in the world as the medium charges up to N5m for a 30-second spot at prime time.

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