Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Boko Haram Member Lost Fight Against Nigerian Soldier

Another part of the latest Boko Haram video is now available. The new footage lasts a bit more than 1 minute. It shows how the insurgents chase, shoot a lonely man, who allegedly is a soldier.
The video starts with final moments of a gun fight. It shows two figures in dark, most likely camouflaged military outfits. One of them is dead. Another one is one the ground and fires his rifle. Apparently he ran out of ammunition.

Then the man gets up and attempts to retreat. However, a terrorist in white clothes chases him.

 Bullets are faster than the people, so the terrorist shot his rifle and has allegedly wounded the fleeing man. The person fell on the ground, while the Boko Haram member approached him for the purpose of a ‘beautiful’ finisher.
The video shows the man in white hitting the alleged Nigerian soldier with his rifle. The magazine of his weapon was also empty.
However, the courageous man has the power to withstand the pain and the powerful blows. Moreover, he manages to pull the attacker to the ground.

 This is an indication that the man has completed special training, as he knows how to deal with the stress and to minimise the advantage of his opponent.
As the fight continued, the Boko Haram members in the video looked confused, as they did not expect such a comeback from the injured man.
 The terrorist was not the best boxer. After suffering a notable kick in his head, he let the soldier go.
The soldier escapes into the nearby bush and his fate remains unknown.
See the video of this fight below.

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