Friday, 22 July 2016

Man shares photos of his community damaged by oil spills. "No more fishes to catch"

Man shared photos of his community damaged by oil spills, says "No more fishes to catch" . He wrote..
"This is my little island village of Oba-Ama in Okrika,Rivers state Nigeria. I spent my entire day accessing the damage done to the environment by oil spills," writes Obientonbara Iyo.
"The sad thing is; For over three months no one in this community has gone out for fishing,in fact there are no more fishes to catch. What's really interesting is that those illegally refining oil in my community that's causing the pollution are working with the Military men deployed to the Area. I'm calling on the government of Nigeria and all well meaning people around the world to please save my community. Please,help me share this until the government send real soldiers to come chase this criminals working with the criminal soldiers deployed to this area Away"

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