Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Driver kidnaps employer's 4 year old son and demands N20 million

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Jeremiah Igiri, a 26 year old driver, arranged with two of his friends to kidnap his employer’s 4 years old son and demanded a N20 million ransom from the boy's parents. When the boy went missing, Igiri was one of the people who helped his employers to 'search' for the boy unbeknownst to his employers that he was the mastermind behind their son's kidnap.

Igiri confessed to his madam that he was behind the kidnapping, when he was invited to the Police station for interrogation.  He was yesterday paraded by the Rivers State Police Command in Port Harcourt.
During his confession, Igiri said that this was his first kidnapping attempt. He said:
“I invited a lady and a boy to handle the operation. When the little boy returned from school and was riding his bicycle, the people I arranged came in. So, I asked him to open the gate and that was how the lady picked him.
“When my madam came out and was looking for the boy, I also joined her in the search for the boy. The second day I felt bad over what I did as I became troubled seeing my Madam crying and calling the boy’s name.”

Igiri said whenever he wanted to reveal the truth he always saw two strange faces discouraging him to do so. He added:
“I always see two men standing in front of my madam with strange faces. “There was a day my madam and her friend took me in her car and as I was alighting, the friend gave me one thousand naira. I wanted to tell them I was behind the abduction, but a strange face again appeared and I could not say anything.”

The driver said he only told his friends to demand N1million but was shocked when they demanded N20million from his employers, he said he protested that it was too much but they ignored him. He added that he gave the two accomplices the phones they used to ask for ransom.
He continued:
"I told the kidnappers to collect one million but they said they will collect N20 million. I agreed with the kidnappers that if she paid the N20million that I will use my share to go back to school. Though the Madam did not pay the ransom

He said his share would have been 7million if the ransom had been paid.

The mother of the missing boy, Mrs Telalo Georgina said:
“I am a lawyer and a Minister of the gospel. I prayed with my anointing oil before I interrogated him at the station. And he confessed to me. “
Hopefully the 4 year old boy has been handed over to his parents and the other 2 kidnappers apprehended.

Source: Vanguard

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