Monday, 11 April 2016

Senator Shehu Sani speak on Kaduna religious bill, says its absolutely wrong

Senator Shehu Sani who represents Kaduna Central in the Senate and a chieftain of APC in Kaduna state, has criticized the El-Rufai led government over the controversial Religious Regulatory bill being proposed by the state government. The Religious regulatory bill among other things will make preaching in the state without a license a criminal offence.

According to Sani, this is absolutely wrong. Sani said this after receiving an award from the youth wing of the Ansarul-Deen Society of Nigeria over the weekend.

"I’m not the kind of person that will see black and say it’s white. Whether we are in same party or not I will not see wrong and say it’s right. I did that during the military era and I will continue to tell the truth even now. Nigerians spent hours under sun to vote for us and so we must not fail them. We must do what the people want and not what we want as leaders because they voted for us. This is why we say the proposed religious bill in Kaduna State is absolutely wrong and we will not accept anybody to licence any preacher because people have the right to practice their religion as enshrined in the constitution. Nobody can violate the constitution because freedom of religion is enshrined in the constitution. We are also calling on the state governor not to over tax the people because they have suffered a lot under the 16 years of PDP” he said.

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