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See how this crèche treated the kids! Mother exclaims in anguish

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Four months after delivery I registered my child at a crèche, it was the most difficult thing I ever had to do but my husband, friends and colleagues, kept saying it was the right thing to do. I’ll never forget the emotional ordeal I went through so this is my recommendation to new mums who don’t want to go through the same …

One Thursday morning I forgot to drop Tunmise’s toy because I was in a hurry for a presentation. My Princess would cry all day without it, so during lunch break I made my way to the crèche with her toy.

The first thing that struck me was that the entrance was ajar and unsupervised, I opened gate and entered the building. It was an unforgettable experience, the stench of dirty diapers hit my nostrils as I stood at the door and the sight that greeted me shocked me to my bones. Thefirst child minder was fast asleep on the ground in a room outside the main crèche room while the other was feeding a child in the most dangerous way I have ever witnessed. She placed the baby on her lap with his head facing upwards, pinned his legs in her lap, held his mouth open and poured the child’s his semi solid food in his mouth as the child gurgled and sputtered the food, WHAT!? I screamed, is this how you feed the kids, you could choke this child to death you know? Startled by my question she stammered but couldn’t find her words ‘and you sleeping on duty what do you have to say for yourself’? Silence greeted my questions, I stood aghast for the next few minutes trying to digest what I had seen.

While I was still standing in shock, the third caregiver walked in excited, she obviously had gist for the others, as soon as she saw me she froze! Honestly I couldn’t understand what I saw, she had a child at her back; she and the child were dressed very shabbily likebeggars. What is going on here I demanded and where are you coming from with this child behind your back? Sorry ma, I went out with my child she lied, unfortunately for her I recognized that child – this was the child of one of the Parents that I met just a week before.

I reported the matter to the owner of the crèche who pleaded with me and promised to fire the caregivers immediately and put things in order. I pulled my child out immediately andI abandoned the idea of a crèche for a full month. After 2 months of searching and visiting different crèches I was ready to give up until a friend referred me to a crèche in Isolo.
It is a school that has a crèche, nursery, primary and college, it has a well-established name having run for over 25 years. At first, I was skeptical, but I eventually agreed to visit them. I was shown to the crèche by a supervisor who insisted that I removed my shoes before entering the crèche section (shoes were not allowed in for hygienic reasons) and indeed it was neat and well organized. I smiled. Each room was spacious, well ventilated and the crèche had its dedicated toilet facilities. There were CCTV cameras in the crèche and live feed are monitored from 2 different offices.I was already sold; the caregivers feel monitored and won’t dare to ignore a baby that needed attention.

Kembos Crèche towers above any crèche I have seen in Lagos so far, (and I went to no less than 15 in my search). I asked the supervisor “so this means there are about 5 people who can be watching my baby at the same time”. She said “Well not exactly”. At this point I was puzzled, these people that had impressed me so much were about to dash my hopes. Then she said, “Sometimes its 6 or 7” She also explained that the TV in the crèche serves for entertainment and doubles as a monitor so parents can call in through Skype to see their babies while they are at work.

I gave Kembos Crèche a try and I have referred other people to them. I’ve never regretted my decision nor the referrals I have made. So to mums out there who don’t joke with their kids. You can reach the Kembos crèche on 08037260020, 09099100322, 07080159901. You can also visit them at ¼ OlumuyiwaSiwokustreetOsolo way after Isolo Local Government Council. You can schedule a meeting by sending an email to Please indicate your name, address, phone number, your child’s name, age and sex.

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