Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nigerian man appears before Dubai Criminal Court after 1kg of cocaine was found wrapped around his waist

A Nigerian man yesterday, March 6, appeared before Dubai Criminal Court after being arrested with more than a kilogram of cocaine wrapped around his waist.
The 30-year-old Nigerian, a transit passenger was arrested in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport on December 19 last year.

He was charged with attempting to carry 50 capsules of cocaine through Dubai to Nigeria. Prosecutors said a police officer suspected the man and asked for his passport.
"When I asked him for an identification document, he became tense, therefore I requested him to accompany me to the inspection room," said policeman A H, 60.
He said the Nigerian refused to take off his clothes in the inspection room.
"The area around his waist was bloated, but he refused to uncover it," said A H. The policeman had to call a major at the anti-narcotics office in the airport.
The suspect was searched and 1.18kg of cocaine hidden inside capsules was found wrapped around his waist.
"When we asked him about the drugs, he said it was cocaine and that he was taking them to Nigeria after he brought them from Brazil," said A H.
He confessed to the charge in court. The date for a verdict is set for April 5.

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