Monday, 15 February 2016

Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan express their love for each other

Stella Damasus and her boo Daniel Ademinokan wrote sweet Valetine messages to each other. Read Daniel's Valentine message to Stella then the one after that was written by Stella...

Through fire & rain,
Laughter & pain,
Fights and fun,
Snow and sun
When all I could do was pray
You've been the Constant K.
Thank you for letting me be me,
To see, feel, be free,
re-live, believe, achieve and receive
Yes, be free to receive the abundance of love you've shown & given me!
Everyday for us is Valentine's Day
But today I've chosen to stand up & say... I LOVE YOU @stelladamasus -words from my heart.

I have always prayed to find and have a love that is so strong yet so strange.
A love so true yet so misunderstood.
A love so free yet so questioned.
A love so blessed, yet so shocking.
Through it all I know my love
You know your love
We know our love
Most importantly God knows our love.
It's truly my pleasure to share your company.
Thank you for accepting me the way I am
Flawed and imperfect
Thank you for the amazing journey you have travelled with me
Thank you for the wonderful life you have given me
Thank you for the friendship
Thank you for the partnership
Thank you for the bond
And thank you for holding my hand in my walk with Christ.
God bless and keep you now and always
I LOVE YOU @dabishop007 #valentine #happyvalentinesday

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