Thursday, 5 November 2015

I reads & listens to criticisms from Lagosians - Gov Ambode

Lagos State Gov Ambode said he reads and listens to the criticisms against his administration by residents on issues affecting their everyday lives adding that their worries would soon be over.
Ambode in a response to residents complaint through his twitter handle, @AkinwunmiAmbode, said:

“I read and listen to all the criticisms. I try to learn from the positive criticisms and try not to let the abuse get to me because I know that soon enough this will change as our plans and projects unfold.
“It is a challenge and it keeps me on my toes. I also receive a lot of emails. Some complaint, some commend and some make suggestions. That comes with the job. Managing Lagos is a difficult task and it is difficult to make everybody happy at the same time.
“It comes with the territory. We know what we signed up for and we are committed to delivering on our development agenda for Lagos,” the governor added.

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