Friday, 11 September 2015

3 Things Buhari Demanded To Do With Customs Service

Hameed Ibrahim Ali, recently appointed Comptroller-General of Customs has told what three things Muhammadu Buhari demands from him to do with the Customs Service.

Hameed Ibrahim Ali, the new Comptroller-General of Customs appointed recently by Muhammadu Buhari, revealed what Buhari assigned him to do with Nigeria Customs Service.
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According to his statement, Muhammadu Buhari demands to do three things: reform Nigeria Customs Service, restructure it, and increase revenue generation as a result of solving the latter two tasks.
“The mandate Muhammadu Buhari has given me are three basic things: go to Customs, reform Customs, restructure Customs and increase the revenue generation, simple. I don’t think that is ambiguous, I don’t think that is cumbersome,” told Hameed Ibrahim Ali at his first meeting with Customs Service’ management representatives.

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