Sunday, 16 August 2015

Details surrounding the death of girl found vomitting blood by roadside, emerge

Last week, a graphic photo of a girl covered with blood and found by the roadside hit the internet. We now have her details courtesy of Morak. 

Her real name is Jimmie and the family is devastated by the loss of this young girl.

She was just another girl next door. She's been getting ill frequently lately, before she collapsed that very day on her way from a TUTORIAL CLASS AT PROPER ARSENAL, BENSON BUSSTOP,IKORODU, LAGOS STATE, but according the elder brother, the family is baffled by the blood that soaked her body and may release an autopsy report soon.

Here is what the deceased brother said about these photos: "Those pictures were taken during her MATRICULATION. YOU'LL NOTICE THAT THE SAME CLOTH WAS WORN ON THE DAY OF HER DEMISE. OTHERS are the ONES WE TOOK AT BAR BEACH LAGOS RECENTLY."

Those are the two brothers with her in the below photos.

Think about it, which ritual killer will dump his victim's body at a busy market like Ikorodu garage in broad day light, when it is not in Nollywood? That's what Nigerian bloggers were reporting for Goodness sake. RIP to the young girl.

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