Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Photos:Robberies in traffic on Lagos roads - woman tells her story

This is also an appeal to the appropriate agencies in Lagos and other states. Curb the menace of traffic robbery now before these robbers start killing people. Talent manager Isioma Osaje shares her experience below.
'I want to give my testimony. At 11:30pm two sets of people attempted to rob me in traffic. I had just gotten off the phone with my mum to say I was in standstill traffic. When the first set of two guys yelled at me from outside my window to wind down. Unknown to me she immediately said a prayer for my safe return. I remember hearing that your best escape was to honk your horn repeatedly. I put my hand on the horn and didn't let go. And I called God in my mind to help me. Immediately I saw an opening in the next lane and swerved in, still pressing my horn. They fled.
5 minutes later three guys came to the drivers side window. Pointing torches into my car. Same instructions. Wind down give us something. Next thing I see something swing and my window shatters. At that very minute another space opens on the next lane and I swerve in while honking. They fled.
Many would say I was almost robbed, I say I was saved. Thank you God for your mercies.

Source:Lindaikeji's Blog

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