Sunday, 17 May 2015

Kim K talks about Bruce Jenner's feminine appearance

34 year old business woman Kim Kardashian shared new details about her 65-year-old step Dad's transgender  transition and also revealed that the father figure has showcased his feminine appearance to her.
"It was amazing and she looked beautiful, really beautiful. She was dressed up, beautiful make-up, beautiful hair, very, very beautiful and very comfortable.” Kim said
When asked if Kim knew “her” name, she replied, “I do. I can’t tell you though,” but admitted she likes the name. When asked “Does it start with a ‘K’?” Kim didn't answer that.

Kim admits the big discussion in their family right now is when do you change over from “he” to “she” as they want to make sure they are “doing the right thing and honor the transgender community.

After the interview, she took to her Instagram page to share this about Bruce and all those in his same situation:
Bruce Jenner
Source: Access Hollywood

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