Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ex Super Falcon player opens up on some of the dirty games in the team

We bet y├íll didn’t know that a lot of dirty games (bull shit) go on amongst the super falcons.
Now we know, thanks to footballer Chichi Igbo (an ex-super falcon) who  took to her instagram page to write on why she stopped playing for the national female team.
“I really miss my girls but definitely not the bullshit, I hope the monkey dey work baboon dey chop business have changed cos our girls deserve much better, it’s crazy how people can keep quite when we know nothing is right about the treatment those girls get, they are doing way better than the male team but what do they get? I don’t fuss about Nigerians n their bullshit cos we’ve never gotten along from day 1 and I doubt that’s ever gon change and I’m cool with that.
Nigeria is a country where people kiss ass and don’t stand for their rights cos they are meant to believe they don’t have one but here comes Chi-chi the no BS taker, I knew I wouldn’t last on the national team cos I don’t take bs from nobody and I smelled that immediately I walked in.
I was the youngest on the team during my time but I knew and stood on my rights cos I knew nobody from the federation to threaten me of dropping me, (which is the reason most of the girls don’t speak up and I can’t say I blame them) I merited every call up so know I spoke up when shit wasn’t right. It wasn’t just about the money but the treatment, they’d train us like animals but deprive us of our rights, no respect whatsoever common now.
Things won’t change until light is shone on what’s really going on and I’m here with my torchlight ��I fear no man but the most high. Here is your answer For those asking why I stopped reping the green white green jersey. You wouldn’t know until you been there, it may be ok to most but a big NO for me cos I know my worth. Canada 2015 is just around the corner, I’m rooting for you girls all the way, go make us proud as always. May God continue to strengthen and protect y’all as you serve your country hole heartedly.” she wrote

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