Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Couple Were Having Sex While Their Car Rolled Into River

An amorous couple had been drinking and having sex in a car until it rolled into a river at the village of Yelizavetinskaya, Russia.
The married couple, whose names are kept in secret, were having picnic when decided to make love in their car. The decision was fateful. As both were too busy with the process they did not notice the handbrake wasn’t in place and only when the car rolled into the nearby river and the water started flooding in they understood something went wrong.

Unfortunately, the woman drowned while her husband managed to escape by kicking in a window. When he tried to pull out his 35-year-old wife it was too late as the car compeletely went under water. Later he confessed that he and his wife were too drunk to realise what was going on.
Commenting on the incident police spokesman Natalia Smyatskaya said: “We received a call from the distraught husband saying his wife had drowned in a lake. When officers arrived they found a large number of empty bottles at the scene and the man admitted they had been drinking quite heavily.    

It is likely that the reason he was unable to save her was because of his inebriated state. The car was pulled out of the river and the woman’s body was taken to a local morgue. The man is now receiving counselling for shock.”
Such stories are not uncommon: recently a man and woman were caught having sex on a moving motorbike while travelling along a public highway in India; one more horny duo who had sex in their car and caused traffic jam has been arrested and even sent to prison in USA; these two were having doggy-style sex on an escalator right in front of stunned passengers in UK.

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