Thursday, 23 April 2015

Meet a Canadian Woman Who Earns Living Showing Her Belly On Webcam

Meet a woman who earns a living showing off her 2m 43 cm wide belly to male fat admirers on webcam and entice men from around the world, Manitoba, Canada.
For years Gayla Neufeld battled against her body and her bulging belly, but now the 52-year-old  claim her stomach is her biggest asset. But now Gayla is body confident and proud of herself as she is working as an international webcam model and has a boyfriend.

 After her first marriage collapsed due to her weight gain, Gayla turned to the internet for support and found a group of women calling themselves SSBBWs (super-sized big beautiful women). After awhile she went on to meet her second husband Lance, a 54-year-old truck driver.
She said: “Growing up I used to be ashamed of my belly but now I have a great following of men who really like it. There have been men from all over the world. I have had doctors, lawyers and even bodybuilders, lots of bodybuilders, approach me, which really amazed me.

 They tell me it’s the perfect belly. They say it’s not marred or scarred and that they love the shape of it because it is a single belly. Some larger women they have a double-layer or a two-tier belly but mine is a single. That is really attractive to a lot of men. I realised I was desirable, I was sexy, I was beautiful and I became confident in who I was.”

 And although Gayla faces many health issues – including arthritis and thyroid problems – and has to use a motorised scooter to get around and book two seats when she flies, she explained that she’s never been happier. She explained: “I allowed the world to dictate to me what I was supposed to look like and who I was supposed to be.
By taking a body-positive image I have empowered myself to be who I am and to enjoy my life. I’m not going to tell you that I never have bad days and I am not going to tell you that I don’t wish I was thin from time to time, but mostly I just enjoy being me. You’ve got to love who you are.”
Speaking about her family, Gayla said: “Women in my family have always gained weight around the belly, especially after having children. My mum was fat and my favourite sister was fat, as were my grandparents, my grandmother and my great-grandmother.  I was really ashamed to be fat. As far as the health aspects go, I don’t really worry about them. My mother is still alive and she is 82. I have had doctors tell me more then once that I needed to lose weight for health reasons but I truly believe that when it is your time to go, it is your time to go.”

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