Monday, 27 April 2015

Agya Appiah Bitters throws a challenge to Nigerians: Taste it, be the Judge'

Has anyone noticed the number of alcoholic bitters drinks hitting the market? People seem to be making a decision to enjoy and still stay healthy.
The problem is that many consumers are still unsure about the composition of their choice of bitters. A large number of blends in the market are either unhealthy formulations or spiked with artificial additives and preservatives, which contain toxins that are harmful to the body organs over time. Some of these products on the market are not even approved by NAFDAC.

 Interestingly, Agyiah Appiah Bitters, one of the leading brands out of Ghana has made a very bold claim, as it makes its entry into the Nigerian market. This claim is really bold.
‘100% Natural Bitters, 100 % roots, bark and herbs, No Artificial flavour, No Artificial colour. TASTE & BE THE JUDGE’.
Briefing the media last Friday, the acting CEO of the company Mr Andrews Akolaa, stated that its entry into Nigeria was for one major reason:  to provide Nigerian consumers with healthy alcoholic bitters in its purest, most natural form. And the consumer can feel this distinction, which is noticeable in the brand’s aroma and smooth taste down the throat.

Commenting further on accolades poured on the brand by consumers of Agya Appiah bitters in Ghana especially for its enhancement of libido and virility, which has given it the nickname ‘waist & power’, Mr. Akolaa says that although it’s not being marketed as an aphrodisiac, there have been testimonies by consumers. It is indeed part of the age long benefits inherent in the selected organic plants that have been properly blended.  He mentioned that consumers have also testified to other health benefits, such as women consumers alluding to its efficacy in alleviating menstrual cramps and restoring appetite.
Agya Appiah Bitters is a blend of 13 carefully selected plants, each with its own preventative value. It has been endorsed by the Centre for scientific research into plant medicine in Ghana, an affiliate of WHO, the FDA in Ghana and NAFDAC in Nigeria.

Head of production, Samuel Ohemeng explained that the alcohol component added to the mix has been scientifically proved to assist better secretion of medicinal value from plants and enhance efficacy better than any other fluid.
In the coming weeks, the Agya Appiah team will be storming markets and bars across Nigeria to allow people the opportunity to sample how natural bitters tastes so they can make the distinction from brands with additives and make healthier choices.
Are you man enough for this challenge?

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