Friday, 6 March 2015

The problem with my country "Nigeria" is mismanagement-Obasanjo

Former President Obasanjo says the problem with Nigeria is mainly the mismanagement of our resources. He said this during his 78th birthday lecture which held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Ogun state yesterday March 5th
"I am an incurable optimist about this country, and may be because I have seen a little bit in my short span of life, a little bit of what is possible and a little bit of what can go wrong and what can be made to go wrong. Maybe, that is why I am an incurable optimist and I believe that all will be well in this country, we have no choice anyway, all has to be well.
My concern is that we have too many think tanks, we need more of do-tanks. The point is we can do and we have no reason why we can’t do and we have also seen that one individual can make a difference. There is no reason why any Nigerian child, at this point in time, should not have basic education, food and nutrition, and not only Nigeria child, any Nigerian should not go to bed without food. We have the resources to achieve all that. If we are not achieving it, does not mean we don’t have the resources, it is because we haven’t managed our resources well.” he said

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