Thursday, 12 March 2015

SHOCKING! Read What Happened To Man Trying To Swindle Pastor Adeboye

We have heard stories of how criminals who attempt to mess with RCCG’s Pastor E.A Adeboye end up getting scorched and caught in the act, well there’s a new one!A middle aged Nigerian, in his early 50s recently met his Waterloo and died after messing with the General Overseer’s devotional book. The man (name withheld for family’s sake) went to China with an original copy of the widely read ‘RCCG’ devotional book ‘Open Heavens’ and guess what he did, he duplicated copies of it and brought them back to Nigeria to sell at the rate of N1000…when the original price of the book actually goes for N750- N800.

blurred out the man's face and name...
Unfortunately for him, he died last month as he arrived the country with the pirated copies of  the book.

He had alighted from his vehicle and was moving into his house when he slumped.

His sales person was arrested by security officers at the Redemption Camp this last weekend and now in police custody, in one of the police cells at the Redemption Camp.

 The driver of their Lorry loaded with a large amount of the pirated books on the other hand, ran away on foot after he realized the end has come for them.

They were trying to see if they could sell the pirated books to make some money from the amount he had spent to pirate the most sort after devotional, open heavens by Pastor EA Adeboye which you can get electronically get at www.

A lesson learnt right there!

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