Friday, 27 February 2015

The viral photo of the Airport Cleaner that returned N12million is that of someone else...

Earlier this week, a photo of one Ms Josephine Agwu trended on the internet, following her honesty - returning N12million she found in the Airport to its, it appears we got it all wrong!
          Hip tv boss 
In an Instagram post on Wednesday, HipTV boss, Dayo Animashaun, posted a photo of himself with Josephine, denying the reports and describing them as fabricated and totally devoid of facts. 
According to Ayo Anumashaun, Josephine is not just a degree holder but a senior manager in charge of Human Resources at Smooth Promotions. A source close to the woman said she has been totally embarrassed by the reports as several people have been calling her regarding the reports, leaving her and her family members depressed. 
So peeved is Josephine with the inaccurate reports that she is thinking of pursuing a case against those who published the reports....

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