Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pastor Olugbengo Speak About Acceptable Sex In Marriage

The full article originally appeared last December on Eternal Destinations and was reposted by several sources. In particular, it was borrowed by FB Christian Family (Facebook page).
The extract is titled “A Warning for Married Christian Couples”. The interviewer shares his experience from talking with  Pastor Olugbenga. The man of God explains which things are appropriate for the matrimonial bed and which are not
See the extracts below:
“I have spoken at length with him and listened to his heart as he shared his testimony of how the Lord saved him in 1990, then brought him back again from backsliding in 2008. He was the pastor of Safeway International Ministries in Edinburgh, Scottland before moving to England in 2013, where he is serving now. I have also spoken to a church member in Edinburgh, named Christopher O., who still joins pastor Oladejo live each week for services via the internet. He spoke very highly of pastor Oladejo and described him as someone who is spiritually strong, who is not concerned with gathering large numbers of people to himself, but rather about proclaiming the Truth. Having searched the Scriptures, and done our due diligence to verify his godly character, my wife and I both believe with certainty that this message is from the Lord.
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In March 2014, Pastor Oladejo was taken to hell and shown a department of hell where demons are torturing the souls of deceased Christians, who defiled their marriage bed. They are chopping people up like a butcher chops up an animal into little pieces, and then their bodies are reconstituting. They were doing it slowly and painfully to achieve the maximum amount of pain and torment. The souls are weeping and mourning, while the demons are laughing and taking pleasure in what they are doing to these people.
The Lord told pastor Oladejo that His children are confused, so they must be warned about these sins that are taking them to hell, so they will not perish.
He visually showed him these people’s sins on the “judgment screen” and audibly warned against married couples masturbating on their beds, looking at pornography, oral sex, trying different styles of sexual intercourse to “spice it up,” such as “doggie style” penetration from behind, and various positions, including the wife on top (e.g., so-called “rocking horse,” “jackhammer,” “cowboy,” or “cowgirl” positions), and hanging your wife (a type of domination and bondage position, involving tying her down, intended to simulate rape). He said the only position that is holy in God’s sight is the face-to-face position with the husband on top.
The Scriptures the Lord gave the pastor were first of all Isaiah 33:14, which says: “The sinners in Zion are terrified; trembling grips the godless: ‘Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire? Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning?’” He said that hell is so terrible that once you see it, you will not ask any questions. If they told you to stand up for the rest of your life, you would never sit down again, if it meant you would avoid going to that place for eternity.
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The second Scripture is Isaiah 24:4-5, which says, “The land suffers for the sins of its people. The earth languishes, the crops wither, the skies refuse their rain. The land is defiled by crime; the people have twisted the laws of God and broken his everlasting commands.” The Lord said there are ordinances in the Scriptures about relations between a husband and a wife, and His children have violated these ordinances.
If you read your Bible properly, as Jesus said through this pastor to do, you will know the truth. You cannot dismiss this by saying that it is not written in the Bible how a man and his wife are to properly have sex.

The Missionary Position the Only One Holy
Fourthly, it is well known what the “missionary position” is and why it is called that, for the reason this pastor explained. Missionaries of old who taught their converts about true holiness would teach them that in the marriage bed, face to face with the husband on top is the only position that God has sanctioned. That is a landmarker or boundary stone that was laid by people before this evil generation was born that you and I who live today are a part of. That was a boundary stone. We have moved that stone, so we could try new things to fulfill our lusts. We need to Ask for the Ancient Paths.
The Marriage Bed Must Be Kept Pure
Fifth, it says in the Bible, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” (Heb 13:4).
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You can defile the marriage bed by acts you commit by yourself, acts you commit with someone other than your spouse, acts you commit using pornography or other property of satan, and acts you commit with your spouse. The things the Lord has warned us against in this revelation, some of which I mentioned in the opening, are considered acts of immorality in God’s sight.”

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