Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Pastor Adeboye clears the air - i havee nothing against Yemi Osinbajo

Pastor Adeboye and Osinbajo at the lecture
Pastor Yemi Osinbajo has been offered the opportunity to address christian leaders and get the much needed vote in the upcoming presidential election. This is contrary to the news going round that Pastor Adeboye is against his own son.
KFB can authoritatively tell you that he is  presently speaking at Pastor E.A Adeboye's annual lecture series tagged 'Harmonizing virtues to gain Heaven and Earthly Prosperity' to a large gathering of all Christians and Leaders of Pentescotal Churches in Nigeria.

Oh by the way,  RCCG wants you to know this:

There are 14 parties contesting in the Presidential Elections and over the past weeks we have seen various moves and tactics by the various parties to undermine the stances of the others either by attacking policies or individual candidates.

However a fallout from what was previously perceived by many neutrals as an excellent political move by the APC – (the adoption of a senior pastor in RCCG as it’s Vice-Presidential Candidate) is fast becoming a glaring sign of desperation on the part of APC to rule Nigeria at all cost.

Picking a Senior Pastor from within RCCG is as brilliant as it gets but the church via its Twitter pages and the official Facebook Page of Pastor EA Adeboye ( has stated clearly that it remains a mission and not a political body or platform and as such does not endorse any individual or party for any election in Nigeria…or elsewhere.

However, despite the dissociation, some people claiming to be Senior Pastors from RCCG have been going around Northern Nigerian States (Minna, Niger State and Sokoto State) meeting with some pastors in secondary schools with a false information purportedly from the General Overseer of RCCG to tell all pastors to embrace change; the one from APC.

Note, Pastor EA Adeboye and the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG) will not be dragged into political waters with the church...thus, whoever is going around spreading messages that  Pastor E A Adeboye wants anyone to embrace APC is a fraud.

The only change Daddy G.O will ask anyone to embrace is not the one from any political party but the one brought about by accepting JESUS CHRIST and LIVING HOLY!

Let no one be deceived. It is your right to vote for whoever you choose. Be responsible, Go get your Permanent Voters’ Card(PVC) and vote...

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