Sunday, 15 February 2015

Man kills his neighbor over generator fumes in Lagos

Ibrahim Tijani, a 29 year old bricklayer is currently being detained at the Ogombo police station in the Okun Ajah area of Lagos state for killing his 57 year old neighbor, Bashorun Okanla during an argument that ensued over fumes emanating from his generator.

According to Punch, the men reside at an uncompleted building in the Okun Ajah. Ogombo area of Lagos state. On the day of the unfortunate incident,  Bashorun Okanla had approached Tijani  and told him that the fumes coming out of his generator was disturbing him. An argument ensued and one person ended up dying.

The two men got into a fist fight and before anyone could stop it, Tijani went into his house, got a cutlass and attacked Bashorun with it. The cut him on the head and hand. Bashorun was rushed to the hospital where he died.

Tijani then immediately reported himself to the Ogombo police station where he told them what happened
“On Sunday, I turned on my generator and when Baba Ade (Okanla) asked me to turn it off, I refused. Then he used a stick to hit me and we started fighting. A neighbour came and separated us and asked me to sit down beside him. But Baba Ade still went and destroyed my generator. I became angry and went inside my house and picked my cutlass. I used it on him”.
Confirming the incident, the Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer, Nwosu Kenneth said further investigation on the matter was ongoing.

Source: Punch

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