Monday, 2 February 2015

I have my reason for Sleeping With A Married Man — Single Lady

Looks like some ladies who date married men are beginning to summon enough courage to come out open and defend their action. One of such ladies has opened up on her reason. Below is what she said:

I had a married man chase me for 3yrs, my boyfriend of 5yrs left me for no reason! None. Now I'm with the married man...
I feel bad but I won't say I'm with him for money cos I got my own money and loads. I come from a wealthy background but this man loves me and I have come to love him. I cry Every time cus I know it's bad.

I pray God forgives me daily and I wish I could find my own man cos that’s my prayer not another woman's.
So married women at times it's not our fault. But I make sure my man takes care of madam more than me. I insist and he does. God forgive us all. God forgive me.
 - Madam, if Oga is taking care of you more than the young girl outside, is that acceptable? Lolz! - See more at:

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