Monday, 16 February 2015

Finally! Accident victim at St Nicholas Hospital reunites with his mum (photo)

After over 2 weeks of being admitted at St Nicholas Hospital following a vehicle accident, Owolabi Akindujoye has finally reunited with his mother. The mum showed up today and St Nicholas Hospital says they will not be asking for any payment of medical bills. How kind. Continue ..

St Nicholas posted the full story on their Facebook page this afternoon. Read below...

A member of SNH staff went to Oshodi area last week Thursday in search of Owolabi's family. After a long and difficult search, he was able to locate a relative of Mrs Akindujoye. Ms Adeola contacted Owolabi's mum and informed her of his recent accident and confirmed that he's being treated at St Nicholas Hospital, Lagos. Mrs Akindujoye also heard about her son on the radio after her relative's contact.
Owolabi Akindujoye whose mum lives in Ibadan, left home on the 4th of January, 2015 to go to Ilesha in search of work to pay for his WAEC exams. Unknown to his mum, he came to Lagos and ended up at Oshodi where he was working as a bus conductor.
The mother visited the hospital this morning accompanied by Ms Adeola. The family has reunited with Owolabi.
The hospital will not be asking for his family to pay any medical bills.

Source:Lindaikeji's Blog

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