Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Woman Kills Herself After Her Son Caught Her Sleeping With Another Man

A woman is said to have taken her life after her ten year old son caught her in bed with her co-worker.  According to CityPeopleNews who didn’t reveal any name in the report, the husband of the woman said his wife was a very cute lady and always attracted men. The man according to reports said his wife always told him of men who wanted to be friends with her. The husband of the deceased also revealed that his son has always reported many cases of his wife coming home with different men. He said he never believed his son’s reports because he trusted her so much.

He said he was surprised when he returned home on Friday, January 16 to the report from his son that he caught his mother and uncle (the woman’s co-worker) on the bed half naked. He said he questioned his wife about the allegations but got a cold response. He said his wife refused to talk to him and even insisted on sleeping in visitor’s room instead of their normal room.
The woman was found dead in the morning after her husband called out to her when he was about leaving for work but got no response. The man later found his wife hanging from a rope. The lady’s remains has been buried at her hometown, Ozoro, Delta State.

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