Thursday, 18 December 2014

OMG!Lil' boy sustains injury while swinging a bucket handle carelessly (Graphic photos)

The twitter handle Naija247medic which released the photos online wrote "Parenting is no easy responsibility... Vigilance at all times & never taking things for granted are necessary attributes.
As health professionals, we get to see the painful outcomes of parental negligence ever so often and it becomes necessary to speak out.Kids play with so many seemingly innocuous things that could harm their health, sometimes severely...don't let your guard down! When parents bring their kids to the ER with "weird" injuries from household items, a common excuse is "...but I didn't know"So it behoves of us health professionals to inform and clearly show just how dangerous it is to leave kids playing carelessly. The pics may be gory & disturbing, but it's important that you see for yourself just how dangerous it is to let your guard down!"
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