Thursday, 4 December 2014

An aged female terrorist was arrested in Maiduguri with bomb in food flask

Security agents arrested a suspected female suicide bomber who would have blown up the General Shuwa Memorial Hospital, Maiduguri and killed the health workers and the patients they labour hard to treat. According to Guardian,the suspected bomber, a fairly old woman, who was said to have been confronted first by the hospital’s security guards, was arrested after it was discovered that she hid an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in a food flask she was carrying.
She disguised as a relation of a female patient who had come to present food at the maternity ward. But when she was stopped at the gate to open the two food flasks she was carrying before she could be allowed to proceed to the ward, she refused to open one of the flasks.One of the hospital’s security guards narrated the story to journalists:
 “When she was asked to open the other flask, she refused, swearing that she will not open it. Our security guards have to call the soldiers at a military post to ascertain whether or not the flask contains any explosive. Three minutes after, the bomb detector beeped for some seconds, indicating the presence of an explosive device, and the old woman was immediately whisked way by the military personnel to an unknown destination for further interrogation and investigation.”
On the identity of the suspect, he said that when the woman was asked about her place of residence, she responded that:
“I am an old woman from Chibok town, and I wanted to deliver food to one of my relations admitted here in this hospital.”
Another tragedy was averted in Jos on Thursday following the discovery of highly explosive objects neatly tucked in sacks and positioned in-between a private secondary school, Tin City College and Fatima Primary School,

The explosive was discovered by a pupil of the primary school, who quickly alerted the school authority, while the headmaster and other teachers dashed to the nearby Laranto police station to intimate the police of the objects.

The police, who suspected that the objects could be bomb, called in the state anti-bomb squad, which arrived at the nick of time and cordoned off the area before it defused the explosive.

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