Monday, 24 November 2014

Woman Who Brutally Assault Little Girl Caught On Camera A Lady caught on camera for vrutally Assaulting a little girl

A disturbing video where allegedly a nanny violently assault a little girl went viral and appeared on lots of Nigerian blogs.
Reportedly, this child abuse happened in Uganda. The woman on the video slapped the girl, punched, violently threw her to the floor, stomped on her back, kicked her and dragged her like a rag doll. And that girl doesn’t look more than a year or two.
It was gathered that after the parents of the girl saw the video, the dad gave the nanny a very sound beating, almost to death. Allegedly the police came for him but after he showed them the inhumane video, they took the maid away.
She reportedly was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the abuse.Such cases makes you question if being a working mum is worth it at all because truth be told, this may be happening to any kid during parents absence.
Watch the video below:

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