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Interview: We ‘Fight’ Over Men – Aneke Twins


The twins who became popular in 2004 and have been waxing stronger and stronger since then, have talked about themselves in a new interview with SunNews. The twins who have starred in movies like  Desperate Twins, Jealous Friends and Revenge of The Gods and many more had so many things to say.
Read excerpts below:

What project are you currently working on?
We are working on premiering our new movie, it is entitled Onochie. And also, we are releasing two epic movies into the market very soon. They are entitled Heart of Isiaku and Adaora.
You have surely come a long way in Nollywood, what were your dreams growing up?
Our dream was very simple; we wanted to be employers of labour in whichever capacity. The reason for this was that we had a passion for the less privileged; we wanted to take care of the poor. Today, society has given so much to us, so we have to give back. We want to use this op­portunity to thank God for the grace and the talent He has bestowed on us.
Did you guys have other plans or was it that movies just happened and you flowed with it?
As young girls we had a lot of plans no doubt. In my own case, I, Chidiebere, wanted to be a banker and my twin sister, Chidimma, wanted to be a broadcaster. But we thank God for our chosen career today; acting has given us a name.
Have you had any situation where you went for an audition, one got the role while the other got dumped?
Yes, we had a series of situations like that. We went for an audition and one of us got selected while the other was dum ped!
So how did you handle it? Did the dumped one get envious?
No, we were always together helping each other in interpreting our roles with­out feeling envy. We knew we needed each other, so no matter what happened, we stood by each other; there was never an issue of envy.
What dislikes do you share con­cerning the male gender?
We both don’t like arrogant and proud people.
What are the major challenges that come with being actresses especially since you are twins?
People recognize us everywhere we go; we can’t hide. We have lost our privacy.
How do you manage fame?
We manage fame only by the Grace of God. It has not been easy but with God, all things are possible.
Which of your movies would you say has been your most challeng­ing?
For me, Chidimma, it is Onochie, the movie that will be premiered soon. I played the role of a man; a prince to be precise, while for my sister, Chidiebere, it is Broken Ambition were she played the role of an imbecile.
You are ripe for marriage. Why the delay despite being celebrities?
We are not delaying anything; God’s time is the best. It is written in the Holy Book that he that findeth and not she that findeth; it is the he that will find us (laughter).
Are you in any relationship now?
(Laughter) Please, we don’t talk about our private life in public.
Who are the lucky men in your lives?
Please we will not talk about that as well (more laughter).
Have you fought over a man in movies or real life?
In real life no! In movies, yes! For details you could check out films like Broken Ambition, Compulsory Risk, and Broken Soul.
Has having a twin sister been an advantage or a curse?
Being twins is an advantage and we thank God.
Could you share the experience that made the both of you cry?
Our father’s death devastated us. We miss him but God needs him most.
Which actors influenced you when you were coming up?
The actors that influenced us were Gen­evieve Nnaji, Mama G and Omotola; they are so true to life in role interpretation.
How do you handle male fans who want to have an affair with any of you?
We handle them like every other person who is interested in us; we handle them very well (laughter).
What advice do you have for up-and-coming actors and actresses?
Our advice to the up-and-coming is for them to be humble, patient, prayerful and above all, trust and believe in God.
Tell us about your recent awards and who are you dedicating them to?
By the grace of God we did receive awards in London. One of them was the Diamond Special Recognition Awards Worldwide. We received it for our hard work and humanitarian drive.
It would be recalled that just recently, popularNollywood actress, Empress Njamah in anew interview made it known how fashion conscious she is to the extent that just two people in Nigeria can do her nails.

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