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Top Nigerian Actress, Tayo Sobola Marries Mc Oluomo

Tayo sobola popularly known in the Nigerian entertainment circle as Sotayo is not resting on her oars. She’s set to premiere her 3rd self-produced movie, ‘’Bella’’ on her birthday Sunday 28thDecember, 2014.
 The star actress recently released her second movie ‘’copper Jide’’ which had turned into another blockbuster going by the high sales the movie has recorded. Talking about the new movie, Bella, the ever busy actress stated that she embarked on the project to treat the issue of discrimination that is faced daily by people with tribal marks.

Tribal marks are like tattoos and its part of our culture, though it’s one that is fast eroding because of civilization and modernization. But it doesn’t mean we have to segregate or discriminate against those people who have tribal marks. That is the issue I tried to treat in ‘’Bella’’.
‘’Bella’’ is a movie preaching against the discrimination of people with tribal marks in the society, a story of well trained and literate lady with tribal marks on her face, this movie explains the trauma and challenges people with tribal marks face on daily basis.
In an interview she spoke about her forth coming movie and her friendship with Lagos big boy MC Oluomo
In the next few weeks, pretty actress Tayo Sobola will be hosting her 3rd movie premiere in 3 years, the event which promises to be a grand one, going by the plans being put in place by this fast rising actress turned movie producer, this will be a 2 in 1 event as she will also celebrate her birthday alongside the movie premiere.

Every year, she celebrates her birthday usually in a big way with dinners and beach parties, this year‘s event will witness the premiere/launch of her movie entitled Bella which will then dovetail into a big party to be held at 10 Degrees Event Centre, Oregun, Lagos. Sotayo said this is her 2ndmajor premiere, since the movie event she had last year for her movie Copper Jide wasn’t a premiere, but a screening.
The other premiere she had was for her 1st produced movie entitled Arewa Onijogbon which held 3 years ago in Lagos. Why this event is significant is because I am premiering my movie on my birthday. Copper Jide came out last year and I had Arewa Onijogbon three years ago.
Many are shocked at how far Sotayo has gone with career, because at first she didn’t appear to want to take her acting seriously as her main job, many thought it would simply be her hobby, how did she develop her love and interest for acting and doing movie production?
At first I didn’t really have the mind to go into it fully , I just wanted to do it as a past time but when the demand started coming I had to take it up seriously , people kept pulling me right, left and center, they all wanted me to act in their movie , so I went into it’’.
How come she does more Yoruba movies than English movies?
Many people don’t know that I started my career acting English movies, right now, I have a couple of English movies I have done, that are not out yet, so I act in both.
What made you to start doing your own movies?
That’s because sometimes, there are some ideas that comes that you are not willing to share or lose, I believe if I can do what I do now, I should do it for myself. There are some things you want to prove and showcase and you feel you are the only one who can do it. Like this is me, you want to do it yourself, you want to risk some roles, and nobody wants to risk some roles with you, so risk it yourself.

Her last movie, copper Jide was a big hit, how did you achieve that?
its God grace, yes we had a lot of star studded with the likes of Dele Odule, Ayo Adesanya, Ayo Mogaji, Yemi Solade, I had double role, I had Wale Akorede, Iyabo Ojo, the movies is now on sale, this new movie of mine is called ‘‘Bella’’. After the premiere the movie will be on sale.
Sotayo is a very controversial actress, she is always in the news for doing extra ordinary things others won’t do, how does she take all the controversies?
Well it’s normal, everything has got 2 sides no matter how bad, good or big it is.
People see you in one way but that may not be you, is it?
I know who I am, I know the kind of person I am.
So what sort of a person, is Sotayo?
I am just a cool, calm collected person, I can be extremely funny and I can be something else, I am not what people see, that is one thing I know, I am the direct opposite of my look, I may appear crazy and the outgoing type, but no, I am not.
I wear every colour of hair, red, green, blue, brown, white etc. but inside me I am just a very calm girl, but I don’t look it look like somebody who is out there on the street every seconds, I am just the direct opposite of what and who I am.
Few months back, there was this report in the media about Sotayo falling in love with a well-known Lagos big boy, Mc Oluomo. Is it true you are dating Mc Oluomo as it is rumored?
MC Oluomo is my friend, I am close to him, we don’t hide it, people have seen us together .MC Oluomo is a very nice person, and he is very cool as well, he is human, I am human, we are friends, we are close, like you said people see us together and so what? There is a lot of hypocrisy about those who gossip about this man, I can decide to be with whoever I want to be with.
Many are close to him but they can’t come out to say he is their friend, MC Oluomo is my friend and I owe nobody any explanation.
What sort of a person is MC Oluomo?
He is a cool and calm person, I wish many people know this person you talking about, he is not exactly the kind of person people think he is, do you know the same people who criticize him go back to him to seek for his favors behind closed doors? They are all hypocrites, MC Oluomo is a regular guy just like you and I, and he is generous to a fault.
He is a very calm person that you see a lot of people coming around him. They would tell you he is a good guy. He supports a lot of people, he is a philanthropist, and he spends a lot on the needy. He is always helping people 24/7, people just imagine that this Mc Oluomo must be like this, but he is not what people think he is, He is a peaceful guy, easy going, he does not fight. Have u ever seen him fight any where? He is a peaceful person, all I know is that Mc Oluomo is not the kind of person people think he is.
He is a different kind of person, getting close to him has made me know that he is a different kind of person. What I have seen about him will amaze you. I am shocked how some people who talk bad about him now will turn around to go and beg him for favors the next day. He has a large heart, he does not mind, he forgives them easily. Why are people hypocrites? They run him down openly, and go back to meet him for favors. If he is as bad as they say, why do they go to him for favors and money?
Some people feel Sotayo consults for him and manages him, and that she has strong influence on him. Is it true MC Oluomo listens to her a lot?
All I can say is, he respects my views, I don’t control him, he is older than me, I only offer him advice and he listens. He will also ask you why you want him to do this or that. Once you tell him and he is convinced, he will do it. MC is a simple guy, honestly yes I for consult him, he is a, man and he has ways of doing things, he knows his left from his right.
After I got close to him and I realized that he is not the bad guy they say he is, I told him we must showcase this to the world, let the public see him the way he is truly. That is all I do, he still has his circle of friends, and he is still the same jovial, easy going Mc Oluomo.
He is a big brand and the brand is getting stronger, unknown to people, he is just one big philanthropist on his own, he is always helping people, he put smiles on people faces. That is what gives him away and everybody just see him as one big Father Christmas’’
How do you take the fact that many other babes and actresses have been beefing you because you seem to be the only one close to him now and that you have allegedly blocked others?
No, that’s not true, I didn’t block anybody, it’s just that mc Oluomo has decided to only relate to those he wants to and shut out those he does not think he needs, you can’t fault him on that. That they beef me is normal, that is the way of the world, people will always beef you, they will think I am the one blocking him, no am not , my life has not changed from who I was before I met him to who I am now, this is me, the same old Sotayo. So I am not close to him because of money, I am still myself so far.
Those who have known me within 5 to 10 years knows that I have always lived a contented life, people get it wrong, Sotayo has always lived the way she is living now from way back, this is me and this is my life, I don’t live off anybody, any money any man gives any woman Is an added advantage, I am still myself.
How come Sotayo’s personality attracts extreme reactions? Some people loves her while some people hate her guts.
It’s because I am doing a lot of things right, if you are doing something right , people will always come against you, if nobody is coming against you, then it means you are not doing something right , that is what I know. We all have our good sides, we all have our bad sides, its normal.


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