Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Nigerian Army Ranked 5th Strongest In Africa

The Global Fire Power ranking (GFP) measures countries’ military strength and gives a power index number in order to compare them to other countries. Below are the countries with the most powerful militaries in Africa.
1. Egypt
Egyptian military is the strongest among other countries in Africa due to the sheer size of its armed forces. Egyptian soldiers are well-equipped and well-trained, but are inferior to Israeli soldiers in terms of weaponry and training. More than 1.5 million individuals reach the army age every year.It has more than 800 military aircraft and 200 helicopters.
2. Algeria
 Algerian military is made up of modern army, navy and air force. Frontline personnel number more 120 000 active personnel, which is well-equipped and it has nearly 2,000 armored fighting vehicles at its disposal. Algeria also has the added benefit of its own oil reserves, allowing it to use its own fuel to power tanks, aircraft carriers, naval vessels, and more. Algeria will continue to be among The African countries with the best military power.
3. Ethiopia
Ethiopia has the third strongest military on the African continent as a result of both their large population and their long independence from colonization. As a landlocked country, it has focused its resources on emerging its army and air force to an impressive degree. With a manpower of 38 million people, 24 million of this population fit for active service. Ethiopia reportedly had around 182 500 personnel in their ground forces and a further 3000 air force personnel.

4. South Africa

The country has got what it takes to be among the top countries in Africa strong enough to be recognized. South Africa uses its very advanced army for pacification and international cooperation. Its aircraft and naval vessels are especially well equipped with the latest technology, and though the country has less than 88,000 active front-line personnel and 17,000 active reserve personnel, it has the capabilities and manpower for much more.
5. Nigeria
Nigeria has the second largest army by number of troops, but due to political instability and lack of equipment Nigeria has seem to be the 5th strongest country in Africa. The country has more than 1,400 armoured vehicles, 360 tanks, and 6,000 logistical vehicles at its disposal, as well as nearly 300 aircraft and 25 high-powered naval vessels. The army has been criticised for their heavy-handed manner in dealing with civilians in their battle with Boko Haram. The previous year Nigeria occupied the 4th place.

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