Monday, 10 November 2014

Nigeria Police Closed Down Streets in Abuja Ahead of GEJ Declaration

The public relations officer of the Nigerian police, Emmanuel Ojukwu, disclosed the plan in a statement “Diversion of vehicular traffic within and around Central Business District Abuja,” published today.
The main aim of this was to aware the public of a key event taking place at Eagle Square Abuja.
The public relations officer of the Nigerian police revealed that all roads around Eagle Square, the venue of the president’s declaration, would be closed down from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow.

According to Ojukwu members of the public were advised to use other routes, as vehicular traffic will be diverted from most of the roads leading in and out of Eagle Square Central Business District.The Nigeria Police Force regretted any inconvenience the diverion of vehicular movements within the area may cause members of the public, as this is one of the proactive security measures put in place to avoid break down of law and order in the area and Abuja at large.
Reacting to the shutting of large parts of the capital to transportation, an Abuja-based democracy activist noted that three presidential All Progressives Congress’s (APC) candidates had earlier declared their ambition without the police delivering such a statement or shutting down any roads.
“Who is going to pay the cost to businesses of this ill-conceived closure of streets?” she questioned, adding, “the Nigerian state delights in inflicting hardship on Nigerians in the name of making life comfortable for those in power.”

The head of the country has launched his battle slogan, “Nigerians First, Nigerians Always,” which he hopes to use to persuade the people, as he attempts to win a second term in office.

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