Sunday, 2 November 2014

Another ‘Bird Woman’ Spotted In Lagos

Disturbing pictures of a burnt woman, who has allegedly transformed from a bird into a human being, emerged on November 1, 2014. This is becoming a worrying trend, as thesimilar case was registered in Lagos about three weeks ago.
Eyewitnesses who provided photos to the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, claimed that a flying bird suddenly dropped down and turned into a woman (pictured below) at Imulokanle street, Ishaga bus stop off Ebule Egba Ekoro road, Lagos.

When the residents gathered around to have a closer look, the woman has allegedly confessed of killing four people this week. The locals called the police, urged the officers to take the strange woman out of their area.
The ‘bird woman’ has been reportedly wandering around the neighbourhood unharmed.It would be noted that people with mental disorder are subject to discrimination and jungle justice in Nigeria. Even children are not safe and may suffer over witchcraft accusations.

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