Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kayswitch Accused Of Locking Out His Baby Mama, Baby

Yesterday, reports made it known that popular musician and D’banj’s younger brother, Kayswitch, locked out his baby mama, Meena, outside his house carrying their 7-months-old baby under hot sun.The report, which was published yesterday afternoon by a popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, was corroborated with photos of Kayswitch’s model baby mama Meena Subramani carrying their baby under the hot sun being denied entrance into a particular house. Linda reported that it was the property of a popular singer, D’banj.

Linda’s report read in part thus:
“So D’banj’s younger brother Kayswitch’s baby mama, Meena Subramani, stormed his homein Lekki Phase1 this afternoon demanding to see him, but for some reason, the security guards wouldn’t open the gates.
“Meena, who got there by taxi and was carrying their 7 months old baby, started banging on the gate, shouting at security men and screaming that KaySwitch should come out and face her. She made a lot of allegations as she was screaming but I will leave that out for now.
“The house belongs to D’banj but he’s currently not in Nigeria. Nobody came out of the house for the hour or so Meena was outside creating a scene. She has since left. I tried to reach Kayswitch to find out what happened but his phone was switched off.”
The popular blogger posted several photos showing the baby mama standing outside a house…

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